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The Gryphon 4500 Series of Datalogic - the ideal scanning solution for tobacco producers and sellers

The European Tobacco Products Directive, which will enter into force on 19 May this year, aims to limit their sale and merchandising. With regards to it, Datalogic offers to the attention of all producers and sellers of tobacco the Gryphon 4500 HD series of scanners, which features an elegant and modern design along with the most advanced megapixel 2D technology for outstanding performance and provides fast reading performance on DotCode as well as all common 1D and 2D codes.


This model of scanners is highly suitable for use in shops during retail checkout, when manual scanning of cigarette boxes with a small DotCode, EAN code or QR code is performed. For this purpose, Datalogic recommends its wireless model with high resolution, which excellently reads DotCode and does not require regular cleaning and maintenance thanks to its innovative and contactless “wireless charging system”.


The Gryphon series can also be used by tobacco producers, in which case the scanners read the unique identification code during production as well as the tracking product codes during packaging. The corded and wireless models of Gryphon 4500 featuring Bluetooth or Star Cordless System are the most suitable for the tobacco producers.


And last, but not least, the scanner series Gryphon 4500 is ideal for utilization by tobacco distributors and wholesalers. They can use it to scan and track the product labels and pallets during all logistics and returns. In this case Datalogic once again recommends the wireless models with high resolution, which can perform up to 80 000 code reads per charge. The patented technology “Green spot” and 3GL (3 green lights), integrated in them, provide superior code read, while all models are ergonomic and with excellent resistance to dust and water.

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