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Production technologies

The printing house Dilcom  has a variety of machines and technologies, which allows production of labels from different materials with various shapes and colours.



  • Digital system for colour label print and finishing operations, allowing production of labels with different forms without dies and setting serial numbers. Possibility for printing variable information on each label;
  • Colour proof  system gmg flexo proof based on a specialized software for certified colour proofs;
  • Ultrasonic slitter for textile materials;
  • Modular machine for printing, die-cutting and automatic rewinding of label rolls;
  • Automatic machine for rewinding and inspecting printed labels with 100% guarantee of quality control;

  • Six-colour letterpress for printing of labels with high quality and sustainability;
  • Six-colour flexo press that provides a possibility for production of multilayer labels;
  • Multifunctional machine for hot foil printing and embossing;
  • Four-color flexo machine;
  • Tri-color flexo machine with two dies for production of complicated labels and cardboard tags;
  • High technology machine for production of white and industrial labels with  high-capacity;
  • Screen printing machine ideal for printing braille alphabet, "scratch off" labels and other finishing operations