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Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. offers a “warehouse management” type specialized software designed for manufacturing, managing and selling of jewelry and accessories for jewelry store chains. The software allows for tracking of each product during the entire process of production or delivery, store or shop entry, labeling of prices, barcodes and other information, as well as automatic write-off upon sale. During the whole process, the necessary documents such as delivery notes, invoices and sales receipts are issued.


The use of this complex system for managing commercial outlets or warehouses will allow full monitoring and control over the whole process of delivery and sale of goods and will reduce errors, fraud attempts and theft attempts to a minimum. It will also allow the management of a considerably larger nomenclature, without the necessity for additional staff. The system will also permit the management and control of several commercial outlets simultaneously, no matter where they are situated.


The issued reports include everything necessary for a correct operational process. There is an option for simultaneous weighing, scanning, barcode-printing and jewelry entry in the data base. Real reports for availability, realization per type, authors and materials are developed. There can be an unlimited number of nomenclatures and positions. The program allows for operation with different currencies and credit cards, as well as barters with or without additional payment. The software may be connected with a fiscal printer, barcode printer, barcode scanner, jewelry scale and web camera.

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