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Paper self adhesive labels on a roll

Self-adhesive paper labels



Dilcom is a label printing company and manufacturer of self-adhesive labels on a roll


We produce a wide range of custom self adhesive labels suitable for a wide range of industries. Our team fulfils individual orders depending on customer requirements for label shape, size, number of colours, materials and finishes. We use high quality materials, inks, adhesives, liners and coatings.


What are self-adhesive labels?

They consist of 3 layers: the first one is the face material – the layer that the imprint is applied on. It can have a varnish or laminate coating. The second one is the adhesive layer, and the third is the backing.

Although paper is probably the most basic material used for sticker printing, it is suitable for a variety of applications, has environmentally friendly qualities and finds universal use for product marking.

Self-adhesive labels, also known as product labels and promotional stickers, can be produced on a roll or a sheet, depending on customer preference.

Our labels are most often produced on rolls as that allows them to be more easily applied to the packaging by a labelling machine in production lines, or manually - ideal for small production teams.


Types of self-adhesive paper labels


LABELS READY FOR PRODUCT APPLICATION - gloss, semi-gloss, matte and recycled labels produced in our printing facility:


Mattе labels:

Featuring a matte surface that does not reflect light and gives your quality products a sophisticated feel, they are ideal for products aiming to achieve a subtle and professional appearance such as wines, cosmetics or food products.

Gloss labels:

Highlighting the quality and appeal of the products, gloss labels are commonly used for cosmetic products, liquor bottles, luxury food and beverages, perfumes, and more.

Recycled labels:

Made from recycled materials, they offer an eco-friendly solution for branding your products.

As such, they are suitable for companies committed to sustainability that want to highlight their environmental awareness.


LABELS FOR OVERPRINTING - white preprinted labels or stickers that can be overprinted by the customer with additional information using a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, laser or inkjet printer. They are commonly used for price labels, logistics labels, product labels and more.

Depending on the desired printing method, Dilcom offers custom labels for thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser and inkjet printers.

The most commonly used materials for thermal transfer labels are vellum, semi-gloss or transfer. They are specifically designed for applications that require high precision and extremely good resolution when printing barcodes.

Thermal transfer labels ensure excellent imprint durability and contrast when used in combination with an appropriate thermal transfer ribbon – the printer consumable. They are suitable for overprinting with thermal transfer printers and have significantly higher resistance and a much longer shelf life than direct thermal labels.

By contrast, direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon. The printed image is created directly on the label, which has a pre-applied thermosensitive layer. To overprint white or pre-printed thermal labels, you need a direct thermal printer.

Direct thermal labels are made from Thermal Eco or Thermal Top materials. These general-purpose stickers are chemically coated self-adhesive labels, produced according to the requirements of EC local laws.

They are ideally suited for labeling in grocery stores and marking of all kinds of products. They are also suitable for electronic labelling scales and label printers for direct thermal printing.

The stickers made from Thermal Eco paper have limited resistance to scratching and smudging as well as low resistance when in contact with plasticizers, grease and water.   

If the application requires better resistance to these factors, clients should choose labels made from Thermal Top paper. It offers good protection against chemical and mechanical influences, high humidity and low temperatures.


Wide variety of shapes and custom sizes

With our wide selection of shapes and sizes, including custom die-cut labels, we can fully meet clients’ specific requirements.

Dilcom is constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the services we provide to our customers, such as using already created die-cuts that meet the requirements of individual projects. With over 2,000 die-cuts, we have significant potential to optimize costs and provide labels at an affordable price by utilizing available resources.


Choice of adhesive

With our wide range of adhesive options, you can choose the product that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you need a standard, permanent adhesive, removable, high tack or frozen label adhesive, we can offer you an option to ensure your labels adhere securely to a variety of surfaces under various specific conditions.


Choice of print coating

We offer a variety of print coatings to enhance the appearance and durability of your labels. Choose from options such as varnish or laminate to provide extra protection against wear and moisture, and add a gloss or matte finish to improve the aesthetic of your product.


Label printing technologies

We use embossing, hot stamping, cold stamping, screen printing, selective varnish, embossed varnish, full colour flexo printing, offset, digital, and inkjet printing.

Our production team chooses the most suitable technology for each order to maximize cost-efficiency. We offer 1-color or full-color printing as well as the addition of non-traditional colours.


For more information on the production of high-quality self-adhesive sticky labels, please make an inquiry.