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Self adhesive labels, paper labels on a roll

Self-adhesive paper labels


Dilcom is a manufacturer of self adhesive paper labels and printed labels on a roll.



We offer paper sticky labels made from quality paper that are personalized for every customer based on their unique needs and requirements. They can be of any size, shape, color palette, material and finishing processes. They are printed in a custom shape, with printable sticker paper and they are cost effective. They are suitable for various applications for large, mid-size and small businesses.


In general self adhesive paper labels are a combination of silicone liner and adhesive layer and face material. The liner is one and the same for almost all types. (paper thermal transfer labels, paper direct thermal labels, foil labels etc.).


Self adhesive labels of different manufacturers differ in the type of the face material and the adhesive layer. Depending on the designation of self adhesive labels and the environment they shall be used in, adhesives are developed, corresponding to the specific requirements of each application. The most often used adhesives are acrylic based and are characterized with very wide temperature range of application (there are special developments for temperatures over 3000C) and are comparatively universal toward the materials, they can be stuck on.


For specific conditions, for example low temperatures (up to 400С), high humidity and product pollution, the so called “hot-melt” adhesives are used. Adhesives with very specific characteristics are also used, as for example “removable” adhesive, that does not leave traces and remains entirely on the label, when it is unstuck from the product, or adhesive that permits multiple sticking and peeling off the label.


The choice of suitable adhesive for each application is a very important task, aiming to guarantee the necessary adhesive properties of the labels, which will be used.


Permanent adhesive paper stickers can provide good balance between quality and price for many general applications in labeling. Custom paper stickers are used for identification of products in retail and wholesale trade, food industry, transport and logistic, production plants, for price labels, stickers for advertising, rating plates, etc.


We are a manufacturer of custom printed self adhesive paper labels that can be printed by thermal transfer or direct thermal print that can be pre-printed with logo or other permanent information, by flexo printing. According to the print method, they are divided in thermal transfer and direct thermal. When printing the two types of stickers, a method is used, in which the printout is produced through transfer of temperature, generated from the so called thermal print head.


Thermal transfer printing uses a ribbon to produce long-lasting image on a wide variety of label materials. No ribbon is used in direct thermal printing, which produces the image directly on the label, on which preliminary a thermal sensitive layer is applied. Direct thermal print is more sensitive to light, heat and abrasion, which reduces the life of the labels printed through this method.


Thermal transfer labels

Self adhesive paper thermal transfer labels are a combination of supporting layer, adhesive layer and face material, made from various kinds of premium papers – uncoated, coated, or with additional coating, depending on the designation and the label print technology. One of the technologies for their printing is the thermal transfer printing, which creates an image by melting solid ink, coated on a foil ribbon and transferring it onto a receiving material. The receiving material can be uncoated paper, coated paper, or foil.


Though almost self adhesive labels can be printed by thermal transfer method, the best results are achieved with the use of carefully selected materials. Depending on the type of print and the quality level that customers require, a suitable ribbon must be used in combination with an appropriate and correctly set thermal printer. All products have a guarantee for quality thermal transfer print, but good image can be obtained with selected thermal transfer ribbon.




Face material is white, calendered, wood free paper without additional coating. It gives good print resistance and is suitable for flexo and thermal transfer print with satisfactory quality.

Printable at 240 mm/sec with a resolution 8-12 dots/mm

This paper can be used with wax and wax-resin ribbons, depending on the required scratch and heat resistance.


Self adhesive labels, produced from Vellum, are suitable for commercial and general application, where printing various information through thermal transfer method is required.

Self adhesive stickers Vellum are used in transport and logistics, production plants, for price labels, shipping labels, etc.


Semi gloss


Label face material is white, semi-gloss, coated on-machine, wood free paper. It’s a universal paper for high-quality multi color labels that require high print resolution and fine details. Its smear resistance is not very good.

Semi Gloss stickers can be printed with wax and wax-resin ribbons at 240 mm/sec and resolution 8-12 dots/mm.


Typical end-uses are food industry and product information labeling where gloss is required. It is used in transport, logistics, for advertising labels and rating plates. It is suitable for multicolour print that requires high contrast.




Label face material is white, smooth, matt, coated on-machine, for receiving excellent result with thermal transfer print.

The paper is double coated on one side, wood free. This face material is specially designed for thermal transfer printing applications that require the highest character definition and extraordinary good bar code resolution. It gives excellent resistance and image contrast.

Self adhesive stickers, produced from Transfer, accept the main types of press print, including water-based flexography.

Transfer labels can be printed with wax and wax-resin ribbons, at 350 mm/sec and resolution 12-24 dots/mm.


Typical end-uses are food industry and product information labeling, transport and logistics, electronics, etc.

The paper is ideal for pre-printed advertising stickers and rating plates, that will be overprinted with a thermal transfer printer.


Direct thermal labels

Self adhesive paper direct thermal labels are a combination of liner, adhesive layer and face material, made from various kinds of papers.


The production of a thermal paper begins with an uncoated base paper, which is transformed into a direct thermal paper with the application of a chemical coating. The first chemical layer, the under layer, prevents the heat generated by the thermal head from dissipating through the paper. This ensures better resolution when printing with a label printer at low energy. The second chemical layer, the thermal layer, contains a dye and developer.


When exposed to the 2500C, emitted by the thermal head, the thermal layer melts, bringing the dye into contact with developer and forming the thermal image. The link between the two chemicals in the thermal layer is quite fragile and can be broken through exposure to oil, plasticizers or water, fading the printed image. Barrier coatings are added for protection.


Thermal Eco


Direct thermal paper with high sensitivity, without barrier coating. Labels, produced from this paper have very limited resistance to thermal image scratching or smudging and low resistance to plasticizers, oil and water.

Printing speed: up to 300 mm/sec


Suitable for information labeling in dry, non-aggressive environments with low humidity. It is used for labels for electronic scales and other retail applications, where they have a short shelf life.


Thermal Top


Direct thermal paper with standard sensitivity, barrier-coated on both sides. Labels, produced from this paper, have very good resistance to thermal image scratching or smudging and also to plasticizers, oil and water.

The paper has a very good protection against chemical and mechanical impacts, high humidity and low temperatures.

Printing speed: up to 200 mm/sec


Suitable for labels with universal application, product labeling requiring good environmental resistance from the printed image in end-use areas such as food industry (for frozen products), retail, transport and logistics.


Pre-printable with all press methods including flexo (with water-based inks, solvent based inks and UV inks), letterpress and offset.


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