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Textile clothing labels

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Production of custom clothing labels and other textile labels


Dilcom Bulgaria manufactures satin and taffeta textile labels in many different sizes and colours. They are suitable for labels for clothing, textiles, mattresses, linens, children's plush toys and more.


In order to adhere to textile industry regulations, textile products must be labeled precisely. What is more, product and production details must be clеarly visible. Textile labels also must contain information such as washing instructions, care instructions, fiber content, size, and more.


Esthetically printed and sewn in textile, the textile label is not only an information carrier, but a decorative element. In case your products are not suitable for marking with sewn-in labels, self-adhesive textile labels which stick on clothes are the perfect solution.


For more information on the different types of clothing labels, please read our blog article for labels.



Taffeta textile labels


A high quality nylon taffeta, coated on both sides. Both sides of the taffeta are suitable for thermal transfer printing, guaranteeing highest quality and durability. The fabric does not fray after cutting which means that these fabric labels for clothes are resistant to washing with detergents at temperature of up to 950, dry cleaning and ironing.            



Nylon taffeta is a material used for production of textile labels for clothes, containing washing and ironing instructions, fabric composition, manufacturer’s data, origin country, etc.


The customized labels, produced from taffeta are ideal for applications requiring barcodes as the printout is high quality and highly legible.


We also offer taffeta that is resistant to stone washing processes as well as a special nylon taffeta that adheres to the highest requirements of non-flammability for the aviation and automotive industries, intended for lifetime marking of carpets, seats and seatbelts.


Satin textile labels

A delicate and soft satin material, ensuring high quality printout through a thermal transfer printer – one-sided or double-sided, depending on the type of label. Satin is resistant to washing with detergents at temperatures of up to 950, dry cleaning and ironing.


According to the specific application, we offer satin that frays when cut and satin that does not. We recommend that when sewing labels made of satin, they should be sewn while folded in half, if it does fray when cut.  



Satin personalised labels are an esthetical decision and great finishing touch when marking elegant textile products and clothes and underwear. The labels' design and professional finish make them a preferred choice for handmade items and luxury goods. Because of its delicateness and softness, it is often used for clothes that have direct contact with the skin. Satin labels also often find application as care labels.


Dilcom offers white and black satin materials for the production of personalised clothes labels. According to each client’s requirements, satin may fray, or not fray when cut.

Choosing the right clothing labels is an important task for manufacturers because labels provide valuable product information. As one of the first things that your customers and potential clients see when looking at your products, textile labels should be carefully selected to reflect your brand's quality and desired messaging.


Textile labels are a great solution for many different types of labels for clothes. They are commonly used as branding labels - containing a logo and manufacturer information, they improve brand recognition and help set your product apart from other similar items.


Another common application for taffeta and satin labels are care / compliance labels. While they vary from country to country depending on certain legal requirements, these labels usually contain washing, drying and ironing symbols and instructions. They also provide information such as country of origin and fiber contents. As these labels often have contact with the skin, we recommend using a soft, delicate fabric for their production.   


Along with branding and care instructions, textile clothing labels are also used as sizing labels. They serve a simple task - designating the product size. Similar to compliance labels, they are applied on the inner side of your items and often have contact with the skin. Here, a soft material offering durability as well as good resistance to washing with detergents is key.


In addition to the above mentioned label types, Dilcom also offers fully customized clothing labels. Because some manufacturers choose to combine different product information and instructions in one label, our team always tries to provide a fully personalized solution. As a company with over 21 years of experience in the labeling industry, we also offer label design services if requested.


For a wide range of satin and taffeta textile ribbons for printing clothing labels and fabric labels, please visit our online store. For businesses looking for cardboard clothing labels, we also offer non-adhesive clothing tags.


For orders of personalised woven labels made of taffeta or satin, please contact our customer service team at