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Innovative labels

Jewelry self-adhesive labels, water soluble labels, innovative labels


Production of non-standard labels


Water-soluble labels -  a perfect solution in the cases when short term identification of the product is required, because label removal is almost instantaneous;


Jewelry self-adhesive labels – Self-adhesive jewelry labels are used for marking and labeling of glasses, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.;


Flower labels - tags made from white polyester material with high smoothness for marking flowers and bushes;


Punnet tags – special cardboard tags containing product information, barcode and manufacturer’s details are used for marking fruits and vegetables packed in nets;


Multilayer labels, peel and reseal labels, three-layer labels, double-layer labels  -  a good way of including more information about the product or instructions in several languages


Easily removable labels - labels with easily removable adhesives that can be removed quickly and effortlessly, leaving no trace of adhesive and no damage to the product or the label itself.