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Innovative labels - jewelry tags, flower labels and more

Jewelry self-adhesive labels, water soluble labels, innovative labels


Production of labels with non-standard applications


One of the areas of expertise of Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. is the production of a wide range of labels with non-standard applications. Among them are: weather resistant flower labels, self adhesive jewellery labels, labels with a specially developed adhesive for dry and wet wipes, water-soluble labels with an easily removable adhesive layer, various multi-layer labels as well as "scratch off" labels.


Water-soluble labels - a perfect solution in the cases where short term identification of the product is required, because label removal is almost instant. The label must be placed under water for 30-60 seconds or scrubbed with a wet cloth, thus dissolving completely. It is also very suitable for marking reusable containers in various industries. They are also often used in the food industry because they leave no glue residue, are bacteria free and would not clog a dishwasher.

Water soluble labels can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces - glass, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood, etc. A great advantage of these labels is that there is no need to use hazardous solvents to remove them. They are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and have no negative impact on the environment;


Jewelry self-adhesive labels – Self adhesive jewelry labels are used for marking and labeling of glasses, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more. They are ideally suited for this application because the condition of the label and the high quality of the imprint are preserved when products are cleaned with chemicals and in ultrasonic baths. They are made so that all jewelry (e.g. rings) can be tried on by the customer without having to remove the label;


Flower tags - labels made from white polyester material with high smoothness for marking flowers and bushes. They are used in forestry, botanical gardens, horticulture and garden centres. The flower labels come in two different forms - as an arrow that is put into the soil of the shrub or plant and in a loop shape that ties around the stem. 

In order to be able to fit the necessary information on the labels, they are designed so that they can be printed on both sides with thermal transfer printing. The production material ensures very high quality, readability and contrast when printing barcodes. You can print permanent information such as a phone, address, website or logo directly onto the polyester layer of the label. 

To meet the needs of the specific application, flower labels must be resistant to various weather conditions (UV rays, rain, very low or high temperatures). They also have to be durable to chemical solvents, abrasion, mechanical damage, dust and other particles. To achieve this result, they must be printed with a resin thermal transfer ribbon;


Punnet tags – special cardboard tags for marking fruits and vegetables packed in nets (punnets). They contain product information, barcode and manufacturer details. For more information on the specialised punnet label products we offer, contact our team at;


Multilayer labels, peel and reseal labels, three-layer labels, double-layer labels  - Some specialized applications often require the label to contain a very large amount of information. In these cases it is very appropriate to use multilayer labels.

These labels consist of 2 or 3 layers of self adhesive labels. The layers can be peeled and applied repeatedly in order to read the information written on the lower layer. At one end, the single layers are very firmly glued and cannot be separated. They are also sometimes informally called sandwich labels, booklet labels or peel and reveal labels.

They are used in various industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, food and trade for promotional purposes. They are suitable for including more information about the product or instructions in multiple languages;


Easily removable labels - these are labels with an easily removable adhesive that can be removed quickly and effortlessly. They leave no trace of adhesive and do not compromise the integrity of the product and the label itself.

Easily removable stickers are a flexible solution that is suitable for a number of specific applications. Some examples are food labelling, temporary labels on machinery/equipment and address labels. They can also be vehicle glass stickers, promotional labels on book covers, labelling items/boxes when moving into a new home/office space, etc.;


Tickets - Thermal direct or thermal transfer cardboard labels are used for the production of tickets and subscription cards. A special thermal transfer ribbon is often required to print variable information (weight, date, etc.) on the tickets.


IML labels (In-mold labels) - these are a special type of labels that are integrated into the product packaging during its production. In this way, the IML label becomes part of the packaging itself and the desired "no label" effect is achieved. IML labels are most commonly used in the food industry;


Wrap-around labels - they are specialised labels that wrap around the product or its packaging. They are ideally suitable for products such as cans, bottles, jars, paint cans. Most commonly they are used for cylindrical products in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Scratch-off labels - these are used for scratch-and-win games, gift cards, lottery tickets, prize marketing campaigns, etc. For large runs, scratch-off labels are printed with flexo machines on paper or foil materials or with a thermal transfer printer using a special resin thermal transfer ribbon on materials such as polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, etc.