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Labeling machines

Labeling systems Altech



Altech is a manufacturer of labeling systems and machines, which print, code, and inspect self-adhesive labels on packaged consumer goods. The company introduced its first production labeling machine in 1991 in Italy and today has clients all over the world. Its product line includes thermal transfer printers suitable for industrial production, as well as print-and-apply systems and highly productive labeling machines suitable for a wide range of products such as boxes, tubes, jars, cans, plastic and glass bottles, pharmaceutical products, etc. Altech’s engineering team develops various configurations of machines such as systems for labeling of cylindrical objects with up to 200 mm wide front and back labels, systems for labeling of products with a flat surface with an option for printing variable information, etc.
"Dilcom Bulgaria" Ltd is an official authorized representative of Altech and offers a wide variety of their automatic label applicators, which you can review and see all the features of in our online store. If you have any questions regarding the configuration of the labeling machines, please contact our specialists at


ARCA Labeling Systems


Arca is an Italian manufacturer of industrial automatic labeling systems and laser marking systems with 20 m/min to 150 m/min speed.
The company specializes in building all-around solutions in all areas of the manufacturing industry.
ARCA’s design team can configure modern labeling machines for integration in any production department.
Arca's industrial systems are widely used in the field of pharmaceuticals. The company's engineering team develops various solutions in the field of tracking and serialization of pharmaceutical products in order to avoid counterfeiting.
A special inkjet printer or laser can be integrated in Track & Trace systems in order to guarantee that the high-quality, safety and productivity standards which are listed in the guidelines for good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices are met.

Dilcom is a long-standing trusted partner of Arca. You can review their automatic labeling machines in our online store. Should you have any questions regarding the configuration and characteristics of the labeling systems, please contact our specialist at





E-packaging S.r.l. is a leading Italian company in the field of design and production of labeling systems. Their portfolio includes manual and semi-automatic machines, labeling heads and systems for printing and complete marking. E-packaging’s major priorities are the constant improvement of their current products and the development of new ones, which give them the opportunity to design special machines according to their client’s requests. Such are the automatic lines for plastic and glass bottles as well as the apply systems for products with flat, cylindrical, regular or irregular shapes. E-packaging’s machines are suitable for a wide range of products such as ampules, bottles, creams, shampoos, soaps, shower gels, mineral and essential oils, personal hygiene and house cleaning products, cans, bottled water, juices, wine, beer, and other drinks, cardboard and plastic boxes, etc.

Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd is an official long-standing representative of EPackaging and we offer a wide range of their labeling machines. 




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