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Industrial labels

Dilcom Bulgaria produces a wide range of special industrial labels which find application in many industries such as automobile, electronics, electrical engineering, healthcare, mechanical engineering and others. Industrial labels are most often polyester, PVC or vinyl, resistant to harsh weather and operating conditions. For the production of industrial labels, Dilcom uses 3M, Flexcon, Lintec, Avery Dennison, Raflatac and Arconvert materials. Depending on the client needs and specifications, these labels can be resistant to extremely high or low temperatures, weather conditions, chemicals solvents and oils, cleaning agents, exposure to UV light and radiation, brake fluid, salt water immersion and others.


Industrial labels can perform various functions but they are most commonly used as carries of important information regarding potential dangers, compatibility, logistics data, instructions for safe use, inspection data, further servicing needs as well as ownership indication. In most applications, the industrial labels have to guarantee long-term legibility and durability in harsh conditions in order to ensure the safe operation of the labeled products throughout their life cycle.


As a partner and converter of 3M in the non-graphic products sector, Dilcom has the technical capability to laminate, die cut and cut a wide variety of self-adhesive tapes, foam materials, foils, electrical insulating and masking tapes and other flexible materials according to each customer's individual specifications and needs.


Dilcom’s production processes are fully compliant with the high requirements for quality and environment protection according to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and FSC. The materials used also comply with the requirements for safety, health and environment protection, have a CE and/or UL certificate and meet the restrictions set by the European Union for use of hazardous substances in accordance with REACH, directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS) and SVHC. Especially for the automobile and OEM manufacturers of automobile parts, we guarantee the quality and the content of the materials used throughout the whole supply chain.


The industrial labels are of significant importance for product identification, traceability and compliance with safety regulations. If you have any questions about the industrial labels or if you would like to order these labels for your business, please contact our specialists at or make an inquiry.


We produce


Self adhesive labels

Self adhesive foil labels

Non adhesive labels and tickets

Textile labels, taffeta, satin

Labels with non-standard applications

RFID labels

Security labels

Speciality labels

Price gun labels

Labels for scales and mini printer labels


We offer


Label barcode printers

Colour label printers

Thermal transfer ribbons

Semi-automatic and manual label applicators

Labeling machines

Barcode readers and mobile terminals

Marking devices

Label rewinders

Label dispensers

Label design software

Shiny stamps



Label designs

Production of colour samples and label samples

Printing of short runs of labels on a roll at thermal transfer printer

Printing of short runs of full colour labels on a roll at inkjet and laser printers

Printing of textile labels

Taffeta and satin slitting 

Production of company stamps

Warranty and post warranty maintenance of barcode printers, barcode scanners and label applicators