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Security labels, destructible labels and VOID labels

Tamper evident labels, VOID labels

Labels as a means of protection against counterfeiting


Security labels are a means of protection against tampering, or unapproved access to the product during storing, transportation and warranty period. Application of a security label in a visible spot clearly represents its sealing purpose as well as the consequences following any attempt at tampering. Labels are printed with various information, variable barcodes and / or serial numbers (sequential numbering), thus providing unique identification and proof of genuineness at any given logistics stage.


A label not tampered with indicates that the product is sealed and original. The security features and tamper evident seals of these stickers make the perfect for deterring theft and tamper attempts.


Dilcom Bulgaria is a manufacturer of VOID labels and destructible labels.


VOID labels

VOID security labels are most commonly produced from mainly polyester. They are characterized by their special adhesive which provides clear identification of any tampering attempts. Upon any tear-off attempt the label base is damaged while the surface is left with a visible void message- VOID, STOP, or other similar texts or signs. These labels are also the perfect means for protection of different products against unfounded warranty claims by dishonest customers.


So as to ensure a durable quality image, security labels must be printed with a thermal transfer RESIN ribbon.



VOID security labels are mainly used in electronics, house appliances, automobile industry, computer assembling (preventing unauthorized component alteration), product packaging (medicines, cosmetics, electronic components, software, CDs and DVDs), etc.


Destructible security labels

Security ultra destructible labels are mainly produced from white vinyl foil label material. They are characterized by the strength of their adhesive in comparison to the label structural bond. They break, delaminate or deform upon any attempt to remove the label.


The security seal is impossible to be removed in one piece, meaning it could never be applied again. A deformed label reveals the tampering attempt. These labels are the perfect means for protection of different products against unfounded warranty claims by dishonest customers.


So as to ensure a durable quality image, the ultra destructible tamper labels must be printed with a thermal transfer RESIN ribbon.


Destructible labels are mainly used for marking products (medicines, electronic components, software, CDs and DVDs), automobile parts and components. A peel-off attempt results in the destruction of the label and loss of warranty.


RFID and QR code tags

RFID security tags and QR code printed tags use RFID technology. This is a smart technology that allows digital information to be encoded in and read repeatedly in an RFID tag. Radio Frequency Identification labels or tags are also sometimes referred to as smart tags.


They are most often used for identification and tracking of goods in retail outlets. Sometimes, they can be ideal as a means of protection against counterfeit or theft. RFID tags for these applications are self adhesive paper tags or foil tags that have an embedded antenna and chip. They can be printed and encoded with special barcode thermal transfer label printers that have an RFID module. 


Hologram security labels

Hologram security labels can be low and high security. Lower security hologram labels can be produced using three different methods of printing. Hologram cold foil printing, hot foil printing or using special thermal transfer ribbons for label printing. 


For maximum security, it is recommended to use hologram labels with a high degree of protection. They are produced with a customized hologram image containing a wide variety of security features. They are a more expensive solution that is suitable for specific applications in electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, retail, etc.


Labels with special security inks

Another way to protect products is to use labels with protective inks. These are often used to print warranty labels. They are also used as a means of protecting the product from counterfeiting - UV fluorescent inks glow a certain colour when exposed to UV light.


RF security labels

RF security tags provide electronic protection against theft of goods in retail outlets. These labels are suitable for use in almost all sectors - from supermarkets and department stores to professional stores.  


The electronic part of the label is located at the bottom and is usually applied directly with permanent adhesion to the product. A coil, which also serves as an antenna, is connected to a small capacitor.


It receives and sends radio waves. Together they form a resonant circuit with a frequency of about 8,2 MHz. The cover material on the label is usually made of paper, but can be made of PE or PP material.


When an activated tag approaches the detector area, which is usually located at the outlet of the store, the oscillator of the radio circuit triggers an alarm. Deactivating the electronic monitoring is usually done after checkout. It can be performed either by mechanical impact on the electronic part or by electrical manipulation. 


Dilcom Bulgaria offers a wide range of tamper proof labels and stickers that can be used for various applications. Contact us at and our team will help you choose the best tamper evident security labels for your business. You can find more information on our tamper proof labeling solutions in our blog article on security labels.