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Labeling and marking products


Dilcom Bulgaria produces a wide variety of self-adhesive labels and tags that are used in all areas of industry, trade and logistics:


  • self-adhesive paper and foil labels;
  • non-adhesive labels (tags) and tickets;
  • satin and taffeta labels for clothes and textiles;
  • security labels, FRID labels, polyester labels;
  • price gun labels, labels for scales and mini printers;
  • labels with nonstandard applications - water soluble labels, self-adhesive jewelry labels, flower labels, punnet tags, multilayer labels and booklet labels


"Dilcom Bulgaria” Ltd. offers a wide range of  label barcode printers, printers for tickets, receipts, cards and RFID tags:

  • mobile and portable label printers;
  • desktop and industrial label printers; 
  • direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers;
  • POS printers and printers for  embedding in KIOSK systems; 
  • card and RFID printers. 


For prices, technical information and parameters see here.




For high quality color labels, "Dilcom Bulgaria" Ltd. offers a wide range of inkjet or laser technology printers:


  • desktop inkjet printers for printing short runs of labels;
  • industrial inkjet printers for printing medium runs of labels.




For prices, technical information and parameters see here.


Баркод четци и мобилни терминали

"Dilcom Bulgaria" Ltd. offers scanners and mobile terminals for barcode identification

  • handheld and desktop barcode scanners;
  • industrial barcode readers and mobile terminals;
  • laser barcode readers and barcode imager for 1D and 2D barcodes;
  • wireless barcode readers and data collectors.



For prices, technical information and parameters for barcode readers and moile terminals see in our online shop.


Автоматични апликатори за етикети

For automatic application of labels "Dilcom Bulgaria" offers industril labeling machines for self adhesive labels of the world wide brands ALTECH, ARCA and EPACKAGING :

  • labeling heads for low, medium and high productivity;
  • automatic label applicators with standard configuration or by client's order;
  • systems for automatic print ot application of labels. 




For prices, technical information and parameters see here.



For labeling of products in small production lines we offer semi automatic label applicators:

  • Applicators for cylindrical products for face labeling, wrap-around label or application of two labels - face and opposition label;
  • label applicators for flat products, boxes, packages and conical bottles.





For prices, technical information and parameters see here.



"Dilcom Bulgaria" offers a wide range of price labelers and handheld labeling machines:

  • price labelers (price guns) for self adhesive labels for prices, batch number, date, expiry date;
  • manual applicators for self adhesive labels with information for sales, product description.  




See prices, technical information and parameters for price labelers and manual labeling machines in our online shop. 


For automatic coding and marking of products moving at production lines or for embedding in packaging machines, "Dilcom Bulgaria" offers high quality printers for coding, marking and product identification. 

  • Thermal (TIJ) inkjet printers with high resolution and  fast moving products;
  • Inkjet printers for small texts (CIJ); 
  • Laser printers for marking date, batch number, 2D barcode, dotcode, etc.


For prices, technical information and parameters for inkjet printers see here.



For industries where it is not possible to install automatic label application systems or there is a need to rewind labels, we offer:

  • label dispensers;
  • label rewind systems;
  • external rewinders for printers. 




See prices, technical information and parameters for label rewinders and label dispensers in our online shop. 


The software products offered by "Dilcom Bulgaria" Ltd enable the automation of the processes of generating and managing label templates:

  • software for label design and label print;
  • Dynamic Template Builder software that manages databases with a large number of labels;
  • traceability software and a possibility for connection with existing ERP systems.




For prices, technical information and parameters see here.