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Dilcom has more than 18 years of expertise in the production of foil labels, which are becoming increasingly popular in certain industries such as cosmetics, electronics, food, packaging, chemical, engineering and automotive.


Foil labels are well suited for barcode labels, information labels, designation and warning labels, service labels, technical equipment labels, industrial labels, and information plates for machines and devices.


Due to their specific characteristics, foil labels have some significant advantages over paper labels. Their main benefit is their high durability in extreme environments and their higher tear resistance.


Self-adhesive foil labels feature UV, temperature, moisture, grease and chemical resistance. Foil labels have great adhesion to glass, high and low surface energy plastics, metals, as well as greasy and dirty surfaces.


Dilcom manufactures a wide array of self-adhesive foil labels, which adhere to the high requirements of the European standards for strength, resistance and durability.


The main types of self-adhesive foil labels we produce are:


  • Polyethylene labels – Due to their high degree of flexibility, polyethylene labels are most commonly applied to curved or uneven surfaces. They are typically used as barrel labels, pallet labels, container labels, etc.       
  • Vinyl labels – Vinyl labels are widely applied for sealing computer devices and elements.
  • Polypropylene labels Owing to the transparency of the material they are made of, polypropylene labels are perfectly suitable for use in the cosmetics industry (more information can be found in our blog article for cosmetics labels).
  • Acrylic labels – Due to their resistance to high temperatures, acrylic labels are ideally suited for labeling electric circuits and diagrams, as well as printed circuit boards and any other product where resistance to high temperatures is required.
  • Polyester labels - They are suitable for warning labels, information labels, technical equipment labels, security labels, inventory labels, and technical plates for machines and devices. Because of their firmness, however, they cannot adhere to curved and uneven surfaces.   


 For more information on self-adhesive foil labels, please click here.


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