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Resin thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer resin ribbons for label printers

Resin thermal transfer ribbons are designed for use in applications with very high requirements. Images printed with thermal transfer ribbon have excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion, solvents, chemicals and high temperature (3000C) exposures, steam, machine oil, petrol, discoloring agents and sulfur acid. Depending on their purpose and the printout properties required, resin thermal transfer ribbons are made with two, three, or more ink layers, as each layer ensures the distinct quality of the ribbon.

The resin thermal transfer ribbons that Dilcom offers, used in combination with suitable labels, correspond to all European and world standards for resistance.


Resin thermal transfer ribbons are suitable for printing on labels made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, vinyl, taffeta, satin and other synthetic materials. They find application in electronics, electrical engineering, the heavy industry, textile industry, automobile industry, nursery centres, jewelry and other fields where high label resistance to different impacts is required.

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