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Label production and label printing


Dilcom printing house


Production of labels with high quality

The printing house of Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. offers a closed cycle of la

bel production. It includes design, prepress, color proofing, printing, finishing operations, warehousing, transport and logistics for customers. Large, medium and small businesses can upload their own artwork or rely on our design team for their personalised sticker designs. 


The printing facility of Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. has a variety of machines and technologies. This allows the printing of different types of adhesive roll labels, personalized according to customers' requests, specifications or standards.


Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. produces and prints various types of adhesive labels and stickers. Examples include clothing/textile labels, tags,vinyl stickers, cardboard tags, paper stickers, tickets and RFID tags. We also produce multilayer labels, double-sided and tri-layer labels and many labels for non-standard applications - for jewellery, for flowers, water-soluble labels, shop window display labels, price labels and easily removable stickers.


Self adhesive label printingThe Dilcom production facility has technical excellence and reliability. This enables the production of a wide variety of labels and custom stickers - square, round, rectangle stickers and more at affordable prices. They can be made of many different materials with various colors, shapes and sizes.


They are mainly produced on rolls and are designed for use with different devices. These devices include barcode label printers, thermal transfer printers, price labelers, manual label applicators and automatic labeling machines, etc. Over the past year, the company has focused on manufacturing and marketing PE, PP and polyester labels, protective VOID, and others. They are used in the electrical, electronics, automotive, pharma and other industries.

The custom labels are printed in a contemporary printing facility. It has 6 flexo printing machines and many machines for finishing operations. The availability of the 6 machines ensures flexibility and speed in fulfilling print orders of high-quality stickers.


Dilcom also has automatic machines for rewinding and inspecting production, which provide 100% guaranteed quality of the output. The machines have a built-in innovative high-speed linear camera that ensures fast image processing. All of this, combined with the presence of electrically controlled servo motors, results in high-speed rewinding and inspection while ensuring 100% quality control of the printed stickers.


Label manufacturer BulgariaDilcom is experienced in the production of specialised adhesive labels for a variety of products ( e.g. bottles, wine, cosmetics, flowers, jewellery, frozen foods). We also offer them for other products in the food industry, the automotive industry, cosmetics, electrical engineering, electronics, wholesale and retail, logistics and other industries.


Our team prides itself on the wide portfolio of different types of personalised labels we produce. They are specifically tailored to each customer's particular application, industry and wishes. We are constantly expanding our scope of business and evolving our production process by investing in new machinery and innovative technology.


Over the last 20 years in the industry we have come across many challenges and high demands of the different applications. They helped us develop new creative products and printing services.


Over the past few years, the Dilcom team has also completed many successful projects. The projects are related to printing labels made of specialised adhesive paper and foil. The specialised stickers are intended for a variety of industrial and technical applications.


These applications require special adhesives that retain their properties and excellent adhesion in harsh operating conditions. They also have to adhere well to certain surfaces which are difficult to adhere things to. Dilcom uses materials from 3M, Flexcon, Lintec, Avery Dennison, Raflatac, Arconvert and others for their production.


Custom label printingDepending on the customer's needs and specifications, these stickers are resistant to extremely high and low temperatures, outdoor weathering, chemical solvents and grease, cleaning agents, exposure to UV rays and radiation, brake fluid, salt water immersion and more.


This knowledge has been acquired through years of experience, hard work and effective study of emerging printing technologies and machinery. 

The expert knowledge and professional attitude of our team is the main reason for our successful and long-standing customer relationships with companies in more than 10 European countries. We are grateful for the prosperous cooperation with these global companies and appreciate their continued trust. We are working hard towards increasing our production for the European market in future years and to further increase the quality of our printed products.


Since our founding in 2002, one of the most important aspirations of the company has been building reliable partnerships with companies in our field. Today we are an official, authorized representative of tens of companies and offer their high-quality products on the Bulgarian market. Thus, Dilcom provides its clients with a wide range of labeling and product marking products in addition to the closed cycle of label manufacturing.


For inquiries regarding our label printing process, working days, special offers, or ordering stickers online, contact our team at

We produce

What does Dilcom produce  

Self adhesive labels

Self adhesive foil labels

Non adhesive labels and tickets

Textile labels, taffeta, satin

Labels with non-standard applications

RFID labels

Security labels

Speciality labels

Price gun labels

Labels for scales and mini printer labels


We offer

     Dilcom sells labeling products    

Label barcode printers

Colour label printers

Thermal transfer ribbons

Semi-automatic and manual label applicators

Labeling machines

Barcode readers and mobile terminals

Marking devices

Label rewinders

Label dispensers

Label design software

Shiny stamps



Dilcom services

Label designs

Production of colour samples and label samples

Printing of short runs of labels on a roll at thermal transfer printer

Printing of short runs of full colour labels on a roll at inkjet and laser printers

Printing of textile labels

Taffeta and satin slitting 

Production of company stamps

Warranty and post warranty maintenance of barcode printers, barcode scanners and label applicators