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Warehousing software and label design software

Dilcom Bulgaria offers software solutions with which we guarantee a comprehensive and thorough customer experience. The company is an official authorized representative of BarTender and NiceLabel. In partnership with these two software companies, we offer different software products. They are specifically designed for the fields of warehouse operations, retail, manufacturing, small business operations, etc.


The different types of label printing software – for real time traceability, barcode design and generation- have menu options in multiple languages and allow you to create your own applications for label design and printing. 

The “Basic” version of the BarTender software allows you to fully design and print labels, magnetic cards and others. With it you can easily and instinctively create data forms. The “Professional” version of the label printing software allows you to read data stored in CSV, database and Excel files. It helps as well to more easily work with RFID labels.


The “automation” version allows automatic printing as a result of data transactions and SDK requests. It also has the so-called “Intelligent Templates“TM feature for dynamic barcode label template creation. With the “enterprise automation” highest software version customers can also take advantage of a centralized management system, Web-based printing and centralized template storing.


NiceLabel’s software offers new levels of performance and simplicity. It allows for barcode design and printing as well as RFID coding. It is an excellent tool for GS1 and other standards.


The more professional versions of the NiceLabel label design and print software have various features. They offer a system for document management, web-based printing and an integrated system for printing with SAP and Oracle.



NiceLabel Sales Representative Certificate


Many companies around the world use the warehouse management software and the software to create, print and design labels. If you need more information or advice, please contact us at Our team of specialists would be happy to help you choose the best label software for your label printer, order management or warehouse management system (wms) needs.


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