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More and more retailers are moving away from displaying their products behind a counter and towards an “open sell” environment. Market research shows that when customers can look, touch and try on a given product, sales rise high. At the same time, however, product theft is eased, thus reducing reseller revenue and sometimes reflecting on consumer prices. Striving to optimize their activity and profit, more and more retailers resort to product security systems with antennas placed by the entrance/exit of the retail area. Placing the antennas at the entrance signals to every customer that the products are marked and have anti-theft devices. The systems we offer work though radiofrequency waves or RF systems. We also offer electromagnetic and acousto-magnetic systems.


Radiofrequency systems (RF): the most widespread ones are 8,2 MHz (double – they have a receiver and transmitter; single – mono-antennas working with buttons and labels).


The RF systems’ advantages are:

  • Optimal correlation between price and productivity (security level is between 95 and 98%);
  • Very low energy consumption;
  • Very thin and flexible labels which stick tightly to the product and allow bending and twisting;
  • Contact-free deactivation at a distance of up to 30cm;
  • The best security solution for supermarkets and retail centers.  

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