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Barcode scanners and mobile terminals

Dilcom Bulgaria offers a wide range of products aimed at accurate and fast barcode reading. As part of that range we offer handheld barcode scanners, desktop barcode readers and wireless barcode scanners. We distribute these products from the global brands Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell.



Datalogic barcode readers and mobile computers


Datalogic was founded in 1972 in Bologna, Italy as a manufacturer of high quality electronic devices. Today the company is specialized in the design and production of barcode scanners, mobile terminals and mobile computers. The Italian company also produces systems for visual and laser marking.


Datalogic is a global leader in process automation and a specialist at developing innovations in technology. They improve efficiency in many industries such as trade, aviation, production, transport, logistics, warehouse management, and the healthcare sector.


The products that Datalogic offer have many great features: wireless technology, IP67, large screen displays and laser barcode reading. They also have various keyboard options, single or multiple base station options, wire or wireless connectivity etc. The devices ensure accurate and fast reading of 1D or 2D bar codes.


Dilcom is an official representative of Datalogic. You can buy Datalogic barcode scanners and mobile terminals from our online store.




Honeywell International Inc. is a global company founded in the United States in 1906. In 2019 the company was included in the Fortune 100 companies. 

Honeywell produces high quality solutions for industrial automation. Their product range includes barcode scanners and mobile computers. They are designed to read different types of barcodes such as linear, 2D barcodes and code 39.

Their products can be used in a number of industries such as healthcare, retail, chemical production, transport and logistics.

Dilcom is a long-standing trusted partner and representative of Honeywell. You can buy Honeywell barcode readers and mobile terminals from our online store. 





Zebra Technologies Corporation is a US company founded in 1969. It produces high-quality devices for marking, scanning and reading barcodes, product tracing and printing. The global company also offers their own software solution.


Zebra has over 50 years of experience on the world market. Today, they are a leader in the production of barcode scanners, as well as industrial, mobile and desktop terminals.


Their devices are tailored to the industry they are designated for. They find wide application in wholesale and retail, logistics, transport, production, healthcare, etc.


Dilcom is an official representative and trusted partner of Zebra. You can buy Zebra barcode scanners and mobile terminals from our online store.


Some barcode readers can also scan QR codes. For this purpose, you can also use the phone camera of most smart mobile phones with a modern operating system. For more information or advice on how to choose the best barcode scanner for your business, please contact us at



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