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Manual label applicators and price labelers

Dilcom Bulgaria offers a wide range of manual applicators for labels and price guns. They are commonly used in many industries for adhering labels on different types of products.




TOWA is a global company that was founded in 1968 in Japan. It is recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of handheld label applicators. 


The TOWA manual label applicators increase productivity and aid the working processes of the operators when they apply labels on products. They are suitable for labeling products with flat surfaces, filing folders and cardboard boxes in small to medium production bases.


Each of the three TOWA handheld label printers that Dilcom offers can work with self adhesive labels. The labels printed can be 20 to 65 mm long and up to 30, 60, and 100 mm wide. The tags can be printed with barcode label printers, laser printers, label makers, or marking inkjet printers.


Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. is an official representative of TOWA. You can buy their handheld labeling machines and learn more about them by visiting our  online store



 Price guns BLITZ   Price labelers SATO  pRICE LABELERS PRINTEX


Dilcom Bulgaria offers SATO, PRINTEX and BLITZ price labelers. They are suitable for marking of prices, production dates, codes, batch numbers, expiry dates, promotions and logos. The devices can also be used for industrial marking (marking during the production process of light industry enterprises).


We offer double and single line price guns. The many price labelers that Dilcom carries can be suitable for the specific needs and requirements of clients in all industries.


These products have a robust housing. They are made of reinforced materials which help to extend the life of the labelling guns.


The devices also have a comfortable ergonomic shape that fits the hand perfectly and eases the work process of the operator. The price labelers that Dilcom offers have a precise imprint due to the high quality of their print head. They also allow easy and quick change of the consumable - label rolls. 


The different types of price guns work with different label sizes and printing speeds. For example, the Blitz C8 model supports 26 x 12 mm labels. And the SATO JUDO 26 model supports 26 x 16 mm labels.


Some devices also support different character numbers. The possible character range is from 6 to 20 characters. 


Dilcom is a long-standing authorized distributor of SATO, PRINTEX and BLITZ. You can purchase their price labelers from our online store.


You can purchase price gun ink pads or ink rollers for your price guns from the Dilcom website. They are suitable for all types of price labelers by BLITZ, SMART, PRINTEX, JOLLY and SATO. 


For more information please contact our specialists at We would be happy to advise you on our product range, and choosing the right handheld labeling machine or pricing guns.