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Automatic labeling machines

Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. offers a wide range of high-quality fully automatic labelling systems. These machines are used for fast and efficient application of labels on products that have different shapes, sizes and surfaces.


Where labels with variable information are required, they can be in a "print and apply" configuration. In this labeling solution the adhesive labels are preprinted, coded and inspected before being applied to the product at high speed.


Modern automatic labelling machines can be designed according to the requirements of the specific application and product that needs to be labelled. This makes them a secure and flexible solution for small, medium and large production facilities and any production line. When working with these automatic label applicators, the process of printing and applying labels is fully automated.


Dilcom offers automatic labelling systems created by Altech, Arca and GoDEX. For more information or advice on how to choose the right labelling machine for your business, contact our team at

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