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Desktop printers and industrial label barcode printers


„Dilcom Bulgaria” Ltd. is an official representative of Bulgaria for world-famous manufacturers of barcode label printers: CITIZEN, TSC, GODEX, SATO, ZEBRA and TOSHIBA.


We offer a wide range of their label print solutions. They are suitable for low and high-volume production facilities in various industry sectors. You can learn more about them and purchase various types of label barcode printers from our online store.


Citizen label printers 


Citizen System started their production of printers in 1964. The company headquarters are in Japan. They have a full-fledged distribution network. It covers the territory of all of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA, Japan and China. 


Their product range includes a wide variety of dirt-resistant label barcode printers. They are most commonly used in an industrial environment. Citizen also produce compact desktop printers commonly used in the retail industry.


The Citizen barcode printers combine performance with reliability to print hundreds of labels every day. The thermal head that their devices use is low-priced compared to competitive brands. It is also protected well by the metal construction of the printer body. These two factors guarantee a remarkably long-lasting service and low maintenance and running costs.


Citizen thermal transfer label printers use the innovative system ARCP, which keeps the thermal ribbon constantly stretched. The label barcode printers also support the ZPL and DMX languages. They allow the printing of labels with different shapes and on different materials, and guarantee constant high-quality of print. 


Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. is an official representative and long-standing reliable partner of CITIZEN. As such, we offer a wide variety of their label barcode printers. These include thermal transfer printers, direct thermal printers, dot matrix printers, laser printers and portable printers. We are also a distributor of their OEM printers for embedding in KIOSK systems and devices, and POS printers.


You can purchase Citizen label barcode printers here.



TSC barcode printers


TSC Ltd. was founded in 1991 in Taiwan. It specializes in research and development, marketing and production of barcode printers. TSC produces a wide range of high-quality desktop, mobile and industrial printers at very competitive prices. They are available in direct thermal configuration or in a combination of direct thermal and thermal-transfer.


Various additional options can be added to their printers. Examples include a rotating knife, an external label stand, a peeler, a direct scanner connection, keyboard connection, and a Bluetooth module.


Dilcom Bulgaria is an authorized representative and reliable partner of TSC. Due to our long-standing successful collaboration, in January 2021 Dilcom got awarded a  TSC Auto ID Platinum Partner status. We offer a wide range of TSC printers, corresponding to the needs of our clients. 


You can buy TSC label printers from Dilcom's online store.



Godex barcode printers


Godex is a global engineering company that was founded in 1993. It specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of products for barcode printing.


GoDEX offers a wide range of high-quality thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode label printers. They can be used for label printing at all stages of the supply chain. Their thermal printers are also suitable for warehouses, asset tracking, ticket printing, kiosk vending machines and others.


The printers have their own free software for designing labels – GoLabel. The software has an interface that supports multiple languages and convenient settings for work without a computer and in home offices. It has improved functions from drawing graphics and supports most standard 1D and 2D barcodes. The label software allows reading various databases, as well as an option to connect with a commercial and warehouse software.


In 2022, GoDEX announced the introduction of a new generation of label design software - GoLabel II. The new software offers even more features, created to further ease label printing and production management. GoLabel II is completely free for GoDEX users. You can learn more about the innovative software by reading our news article.


Dilcom Bulgaria is an official authorized representative of GoDEX. The reliable partnership of the two companies is based on our shared aspiration for long-term customer satisfaction.


You can purchase a wide range of  GoDEX barcode label printers from our online store.



SATO barcode printers


In 1981 SATO created the first thermal transfer printer in the world. With this it became a leader in labeling and product marking solutions in the retail field. Today they offer a wide range of label barcode printers. 


The SATO industrial label printers offer high-quality label print solutions for heavy industries. These are applications where fast print speeds, data accuracy and product tracking are the main priority. They provide the best possible quality of barcode printing, text and RFID label coding. 


SATO’s professional label desktop printers are a perfect combination of compact size and powerful performance. They are also economical, easy to use and ensure the necessary flexibility for the sphere of logistics. 


Another part of SATO’s product range are their RFID solutions and specialized printers. They are used in business environments where there is a need for fast and precise inventory and product tracking. SATO offers series of high-tech label printers for specialised applications.


Dilcom is an authorized partner of SATO with long-standing traditions in offering their products.


You can purchase SATO label barcode printers from Dilcom's online store.



TOSHIBA barcode printers


Founded in 1950 in Japan, Toshiba Tec constantly aims to present the best labeling solutions and printing technologies in many industries. These include the retail and food industry, as well as logistics, warehousing and manufacturing.


Toshiba offers a wide range of thermal label printers, products and services. They produce industrial thermal, desktop label and mobile label barcode printers with a “ribbon save” technology. This technology limits the use of the thermal transfer ribbon when printing. Thus, it minimizes the cost of consumables and greatly reduces maintenance needs.


Another great advantage of the Toshiba product range is that they offer “print and apply” systems. They are easily integrated into production lines and have low running costs. Toshiba also produce single tag printers, which are used for printing tags widely needed in the textile industry.


Dilcom is an official authorized partner of Toshiba. You can purchase the Toshiba label barcode printers from our online store.


ZEBRA label printers




Zebra Technologies Corporation is a company founded in the USA in 1969. It specializes in the production of thermal printers, mobile computers, label barcode printers, RFID readers, software and supplies. They find wide application in commerce, transport, logistics, healthcare, production, the restaurant industry, etc.


The Zebra label barcode printers are designed for high-quality printing, durability, reliability and easy integration into existing business systems. Zebra Technologies has been offering innovative solutions in the field of thermal printing for over 50 years now. The company is a trusted print solutions brand all over the world.


Dilcom is an official authorized representative and trusted partner of Zebra. You can purchase Zebra label barcode printers from our online store.



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