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Multilayer labels

Double layer and three layer lablesOn some occasions, a dual-function label is required, in which information appears upon peeling off the label that sits at the top. These labels are known as multi-layer, peel and reseal labels, three-layer, double-layer or double-sided self-adhesive labels. Because there is still adhesive on the removed upper label, it can be glued back on another surface, for example a package list, order or any other document. .


Dilcom is a leading manufacturer of custom multi-layer labels, offering innovative solutions for various industries.

Multilayer labels are a good way of including more information about the product or instructions in several languages. The label’s layers can be re-sealed with the purpose of reading the information printed between them, but the layers are strongly stuck together on the edge and thus cannot be divided.


Double layer stickers

Our multilayer labels are ideal for pharmaceutical and medical labels, where regulations require product information to remain intact on the product. They are also suitable for labels with recipes in the food industry, promotions, lotteries, multilingual information, etc.
Double-sided labels are self-adhesive labels that allow you to print details on both the front and the back of your label where adhesive is applied. They are perfectly suited for products with see-through surfaces.


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