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Semi-automatic label applicators Primera and Wide Range

Dilcom Bulgaria offers high quality semi automatic applicators Primera and Wide Range. The devices are used to apply labels to a wide variety of different products. Label applicators are the first, initial step in the process of automatic labelling.


When the labels are applied with an applicator, this process requires an operator. They have to place the products on the semi automatic labelling machines and start the adhesion process in real time. Different applicators can be suitable for products of all shapes and surfaces. Labelling with semi automatic applicators ensures accuracy, high speed and precision. 


When choosing a label applicator, it is important to keep in mind the labeling speed you need for your specific application. The speed of semi automatic applicators varies, and can be around 100 mm per second or much more. Depending on the features of a low or high performance labeler, it can be suitable for small to medium production facilities. 


Semi automatic label applicators are very easy to use and maintain. They save time and resources in busy production environments and provide innovative options for precision product marking. 


Primera Technology Inc. is a company founded in 1998 in the US. With 24 years of experience, it has established itself as a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment in the industrial sector. On February 1st 2019 Primera changed the name of their European branch to DTM Print.


Their semi automatic label applicators are an ideal solution for applying adhesive labels on cylindrical objects. They are suitable for bottle labelling, cans and tubes. The labellers can also be used for flat surfaces of rectangular or cone-shaped bottles, jars, boxes, packages, bags, lids, etc. These applicators help to increase productivity and are suitable for industrial labelling in small to mid-size production facilities. 


Dilcom Bulgaria is a long-standing reliable partner of Primera. You can buy their semi automatic applicators from our  online store.


Wide Range is an Italian company that was founded in 1993. It provides a wide range of solutions in the sphere of industrial automation. Dilcom Bulgaria offers their semi automatic label applicators, which are suitable for cylindrical products.


Their main advantage is that they can be combined with a barcode printer. This creates a labeling system which does two things at the same time. It can print variable data such as date, time, barcode, batch number, text, etc. simultaneously at the time of product labeling. In addition, the company’s engineering team can upgrade their machines according to each clients’ specific needs. 


Dilcom is an official representative and trusted partner of Wide Range. For prices, technical information and product features, please visit our  online store.


The Dilcom team specializes in finding the best possible labelling solution for our customers' specific application. If you have questions about the features of the semi automatic label applicators we offer, please contact our specialists at They would also gladly assist you if you need advice on how to choose the ideal product.



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