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Shiny Stamps at affordable prices



The Shiny stamps are distinguished by their wide range of mechanisms, date stamps, number stamps, self-ordering stamps, handy-stamps, wax stamps and inks, ink pads, which can meet the individual requirements of all customers. The Shiny brand was founded in 1957 and has since established itself as a world leader in the sales of self-inking stamps.


In addition to the sale of Shiny self inking stamps, the international company offers various technologies and machines for the production of laser and photopolymer plates.


Our team of specialists can offer you free consultation, mechanisms at attractive prices and advice on how to find the right Shiny stamp for your business. They will share with you their years of experience in photopolymer and laser plate production technologies and corporate stamp making.


Dilcom Bulgaria is an authorized trusted partner of Shiny. You can buy Shiny printing mechanisms at attractive prices from our online store:


  • automatic rectangular stamps, automatic round, stamps and automatic oval stamps,
  • Eco Line Stamps,
  • handy stamps,
  • date stamps and die plate daters,
  • professional stamps,
  • professional die plate daters and professional number stamps,
  • automatic number stamps and self-inking number stamps,
  • wax stamps,
  • self-ordering stamps,
  • handy stamps DUO,
  • pre-Inked Stamps,
  • embossing seal,
  • stamp makers,
  • consumables for die plate production


The Shiny self inking stamps can be used for all types of stamp marking purposed such as address stamps, mailing, business documents, etc. For a free consultation and more information, contact us at



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