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Display Labels

New in the Dilcom portfolio - food display labels


food display price tags

Display labels are made of a thick self-adhesive film material that does not bend easily. Furthermore, when there is condensation or they are touched with greasy and wet hands, the labels do not absorb moisture and grease. The imprint is durable and does not smudge or rub off in these conditions.


They are available on a stack and have the ability to be printed double-sided, pre-printed with a color logo, and allow for gold and silver ribbon overprinting.


The food display price tags we offer are 100/75 size. Upon individual request they can be produced in a custom size and tinted in the colour of choice.


The labels are very durable, high-quality and affordable. Their biggest advantage is that they resist moisture, grease, detergents and disinfectants and can be used in rooms with high humidity and risk of getting wet. 


Another advantage is their ease of use. Even small bakeries, pastry shops, meat shops and other small retail stores can afford high-quality display labels at a reasonable price if they already have a conventional thermal transfer label printer. There is no need to purchase a specialized card printer and additional software to print price tags for shop displays.


With a simple thermal transfer printer and its associated software, you can easily print dates, expiration dates, ingredients, text, barcodes, prices and variable data.


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