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Dilcom Bulgaria - label printing and production

Label manufacturer in Bulgaria




For more than 20 years Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of various types of labels on rolls, sheets or stacks. The company is focused on finding successful solutions to cases arising in the daily work processes of customers. These processes include labeling, marking and automatic identification of products.


In recent years we implemented modern label printing and die-cutting machines. We also started organizing our production according to the international quality control standard ISO 9001With these advancements, we guarantee the high quality of the labels we produce.


In partnership with leading European and global manufacturers, the company successfully offers its customers innovative products such as:




Label machines Dilcom



The printing house of Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. has a wide variety of machines, printing materials and custom printing technologies. They allow the production of different types of non adhesive and self adhesive labels with fast turnaround times. The customised stickers are produced according to our customers' request, a certain specification or industry standard. Our printing services and/or finishing operations are performed with the following machines:



  • Digital labeling system for printing full color labels and finishing operations. It allows the printing of personalized stickers of many different custom shapes and sizes, without the need for dies and clichés. When working with the system, it is possible to put variable information on each label;
  • gmg flexo proof colour proofing system based on a specialized software for certified colour samples;
  • Ultrasonic slitter for textile materials. It is used in the production of satin and taffeta textile labels;
  • Modular machine for printing, die-cutting and automatic rewinding of label rolls;
  • Automatic rewinding and inspection machine for printed labels with 100% quality control guarantee;
  • High roll six-color printing machine, which allows custom sticker printing made of different label materials with high quality and durability;
  • Six-color flexo machine, which enables the production of multi-layer labels;
  • Multi-functional hot foil printing and embossing machine;
  • Three-color flexo machine with two dies for the printing of complex labels and cartons;
  • High capacity white and industrial label production machine;
  • Screen printing machine that enables printing of Braille, scratch-off labels and other finishing operations.




Dilcom standards


To ensure the quality of its services and products, Dilcom Bulgaria holds certifications for the following international standards: quality management ISO 9001: 2015, energy efficiency  ISO 50001:2018 and environmental management  ISO 14001: 2015.


Declaration of Quality Management, Data Security and Environmental Protection


Dilcom’s management emphasizes the importance of efficient energy resource usage as one of our primary priorities in our policy regarding the  energy management system (EMS). Our team also believes that efficient use of energy is also crucial for gaining competitive advantage.


The international non-profit organization FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) ensures that paper and wood products which have the FSC® logo originate from socially and environmentally-responsible sources. Dilcom was certified according to the FSC® (license code C150329) in 2019. Our FSC® labels come from sustainable sources and help conserve and protect forests, wildlife, and people.


Moreover, in order to ensure the safety of our food labels, Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. earned an FSSC 22000 certificate in June, 2022. This international standard was introduced to increase food safety for consumers.




high-tech products




Our mission is to help our customers and the Bulgarian economy to more quickly adopt high-tech products and technologies. The Dilcom team strives to take part in the forthcoming Industry 4.0 revolution through continuous company and employee growth.


Our goal is to meet individual customer needs by always offering unique solutions and working on fully custom label projects. We rely on the skills of our employees and the use of modern production technology to achieve these results.


Delivering high-quality products on time is the principle on which we build our company.






Dilcom employees





Dilcom Bulgaria's greatest strength is our highly motivated and close-knit team of over 70 skilled employees. We work together for the success and development of the company.


The team consists of experts who are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Over the years, they have proven that they are capable of succeeding in any challenge they face.


Dilcom routinely trains its employees, improving their skills and professionalism and expanding their knowledge of new technologies. We also always try to foster a creative environment so that each member of our team can show their talent.

We support the purposeful development of qualities such as flexibility, speed, commitment, honesty, quality service and support. These qualities are the tool we use to win the hearts of our customers.







Dilcom is deliberately and responsibly carrying out its commercial and manufacturing operations with a strong focus on environmental considerations. Our goal is to reduce our adverse effects on the environment. To achieve this, we strive to enhance worker skills and knowledge and invest in the newest machinery, labeling materials, and technology.


We acknowledge our accountability for the ecological effects of our business operations. Our commitment to forest and wildlife preservation is displayed with our FSC® certification (License Code C150329). This certification guarantees that our FSC® paper labels are derived from sustainably sourced wood, helping to preserve and protect forests, wildlife and people. For years, Dilcom has been utilizing FSC®-certified paper to print eco-friendly labels and stickers.


In 2019, Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. received certification for ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems, and a year before that, for ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System. For more information, view   Dilcom's certificates.


Our foremost concern is to provide our workers with the best possible working conditions. We prioritize upholding the basic tenets of human rights, labor rights, environmental conservation, and anti-corruption practices.


All of our materials for label production are compliant with the REACH Directive of the European Union and also adhere to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.