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Water soluble labels - dissolvable labels

Water Dissolvable labels

Dilcom Bulgaria produces and prints high-quality water soluble labels. This type of sticker has a unique quality - the paper label dissolves quickly upon contact with water. Because label removal is almost immediate, water dissolvable labels are the perfect solution for applications where short-term product identification is required. 


For removal, the label should be immersed in warm water for 30-60 seconds and it completely dissolves. After that, it leaves no residue on the product surface. If it is not possible to immerse the label in water, it can also easily be removed with a wet cloth.


Water dissolvable labels are used in a wide range of industries at different stages of the production process. They work just as well for pre-productions as they do for end products. They adhere well to most surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood, and plastic. 


Water-soluble labels are ideal for labeling reusable products, such as glass ware, metal drums, and cylinders. They also work well for delicate products like crystals, gold, brass and porcelain. In production sectors, water-soluble labels are used for part identification in assembly lines. That is why they often find application in the automobile industry.


As they work perfectly for reusable containers that will be cleaned frequently in the dishwasher or sink, these labels are also suitable for use in the food industry and in food rotation plans. They do not leave any residue upon removal, do not harbor bacteria and do not clog dishwasher drains.


When used in a work environment, dissolvable labels can help ensure safety. They eliminate the need to apply aggressive solvents for the removal of strong label adhesives.


Water-soluble stickers also present unique benefits for the end-consumer like time-saving. With their unique features, they eliminate the hassle of having to remove adhesive residue and paper clumps.


Water-soluble labels are non-toxic, environmentally harmless and 100% biodegradable. If you are looking for labels, which are ideal for short term identification and leave no sticky residue on surfaces including glass, plastic and more, water dissolvable paper labels are the perfect solution.

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