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Blog articles

Types of industrial labels and their applications

13 Apr 2021
Industrial labels are durable, resistant to weather conditions and carry important information that helps provide a safe working environment.

Labeling machines - how this investment will help your business grow

11 Mar 2021
Labeling machines increase productivity and efficiency and expand the range of possible product labels for your brand.

Clothing labels - how to choose one of the most important branding elements for your product

27 Jan 2021
Clothing labels are one of the most important informational and decorative elements of your product. Click here to see our advice on the subject.

Security labels as a means to prevent possible counterfeit of products and brands

05 Oct 2020
The most commonly used security labels are VOID labels, self destructible labels and security hologram labels.

Logistics Labels - Solutions and Materials

03 Jun 2020
Logistic label is any standardized label for labeling and identification of products, shipments and pallets. 

RFID Labels Application

03 May 2020
The future when many products will have a unique digital ID and own digital life is getting closer.

Types of RFID labels and tags and their difference with barcode labels

29 Apr 2020
Smart tags are passive RFID tags, which are self-adhesive paper or foil labels with built-in antenna and chip.

What is RFID and how do RFID systems work

26 Apr 2020
RFID is a technology that allows digital data to be repeatedly recorded and read in RFID labels or tags, also referred to as "smart labels". 

Labels for food products – how to choose the right material

06 Apr 2020
As a label manufacturer with many years of experience, Dilcom provides you with information about the materials used for production of food labels.

How to choose a barcode printer with the right resolution for printing labels

22 Jan 2020
The decision for choosing print resolution depends on the application of the label, the required print quality and the speed. 

Multilayer labels or peel-off labels and their application

09 Sep 2019
Multilayer self-adhesive labels are nowadays widely used, as they provide space for maximum amount of information over a small area.

Hire a Professional Printing Company or Print Labels In-house

28 Jun 2019
With this article we would like to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of both options - to print your own labels or to trust a label co...

The Gryphon 4500 Series of Datalogic - the ideal scanning solution for tobacco producers and sellers

02 Apr 2019
Regarding to the European Tobacco Products Directive, Datalogic offers to the attention of all producers and sellers of tobacco the Gryphon 4500 HD se...

General Types of Barcodes

21 Jan 2019
Barcodes are divided into 3 categories: numeric, alpha-numeric, and two-dimensional barcodes.

The Application of Smart Labels in Healthcare Increases

11 Jan 2019
RFID tags are much harder to duplicate than barcodes, which makes them an uncompromising winner in the labeling of medical products. 

The War Against Plastics Affects the Packaging Industry

08 Jan 2019
One of the possible solutions of thе problem with plastics in packaging industry is in-mold labeling, during which the label and the package are fused...

World label printing trends

20 Nov 2018
The fundamental and most important label printing trends are the ecology of the process and the production of short runs

Nice Label solution for label standard

28 Oct 2018
Siemens standardizes labeling across its global factories to drive new levels of efficiency  


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