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Price gun labels

Price gun labels

Price label rolls



"Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. is a manufacturer of price labels for marking pliers. Known as "price tags" or "price labels", they are most commonly used in the trade industry to mark the value of a product.


Price gun labels are produced from self-adhesive uncoated paper in the following colors: white, fluorescent yellow, red, orange and green. The different colours can be used to mark different categories of products, to indicate items on promotion or those with a very low price.


Depending on the application, price gun tags are available in combination with permanent, removable, or strong adhesive.


The removable adhesive leaves no residue after peeling. This type of price gun labels are often used in the textile industry for marking individual parts as well as for labeling gift products in shops. Most often, these labels are used in the fast moving consumer goods trade.


There are two types of price labels: single-line and double-line. Both types allow for company logos or other permanent information to be pre-printed on them.


In terms of application, price gun tags are mainly used in manufacturing and retail, industries that place importance on quick and precise price tag placement.


 Dilcom Bulgaria also offers a wide range of Price guns - used for quick and accurate application of information on the labels, such as price, batch number, date and time of production, and expiry date. We offer a wide range of single line and double line price labelers produced by BLITZ, SATO and PRINTEX. With a stable and lightweight construction, they ensure ease of use and a precise imprint.


Our online store also offers label gun ink pads, suitable for use with single-line and double-line price labelers BLITZ, SMART, PRINTEX , JOLLY and SATO.


For more information on the labels and products we offer, please contact our team at If you need advice on choosing the right price labels for your application, price guns or label gun ink pads, our specialists would be happy to assist you.



You can purchase Dilcom-manufactured price-gun labels from our online store