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“Dilcom Bulgaria” Ltd produces a wide range of self adhesive and non-adhesive labels, textile labels, cardboard tags, tickets, foil labels and labels with special purposes. The technical equipment of the company enables production of labels from different materials with various shapes and colours. Labels are mainly produced on a roll and are designed for using by barcode printers, labeling scales, manual and automatic applicators, price guns, etc. In the last year the company has emphasized on production of foil labels: polyethylene labels, polypropylene labels, polyester labels, security VOID labels, etc., that find application in electrical engineering, electronics and other industrial spheres. The company has 6 flexo press machines, which ensure flexibility and rapidness on fulfilling orders for printing even 6 colour labels. As one of the leading label producers, Dilcom Bulgaria is a reliable partner of hundred companies.

Self adhesive paper labels can provide a good balance between quality and price for many general applications in labeling. They are used for identification of products in wholesale and retail trade, food industry, transport and logistics, manufacturing enterprises, for price tags, advertising and company labels, especially suitable for logistics labels.

We offer paper labels of different face materials (matt, semi-gloss, gloss, including high-quality transfer paper). In a combination with various adhesives on a different basis, the labels are suitable for solving individual problems and customers case studies.

Self adhesive paper labels (9)

The basic advantage of foil labels is that they are more resistant to environmental impact and are more resistant to tearing than paper labels. Self adhesive foil labels are resistant to UV rays, high temperatures, humidity, chemical solvents and oils. 

The main types of self adhesive foil labels we produce are polyethylene labels, polypropylene labels, polyester labels, vinyl labels, acrylic self adhesive labels.

The variety of the foil labels offered, as well as our rich experience in this area, is the main factor determining the choice of our customers for long-term cooperation with Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd.

Foil labels (0)

Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. is a manufacturer of a wide variety of non adhesive labels (tags), which are used when self adhesive label application is not suitable. Non adhesive labels are used in textile industry, retail, gardening, forest and lumber industry, metallurgy, parking systems and access control systems, tickets. Main types of non-adhesive labels we produce are tickets, cardboard labels, polyester labels and bracelets.

Non adhesive labels (0)

Materials offered by Dilcom Bulgaria Ltd. have „OEKO-TEX” quality certificates. Labels must contain information such as washing instructions, care instructions, fiber content, size, etc.
We offer high quality taffeta and satin, ideal for various applications.
With the ultrasonic sliter for textile materials we can produce textile labels on a roll, with standard width and width upon a customer request. Textile labels are suitable for clothes, carpets and other textile products.
We offer size textile labels and care labels.

Textile labels (13)

Security labels are means of protection against tampering, or undesired access to the product during storing, transport and warranty period. Application of a security label in a visible spot clearly represents sealing purpose as well as consequences following any tampering attempt.  Labels are printed with various information, variable barcodes and / or serial numbers, thus providing a unique identification and proof of authenticity at any given logistics stage.
A label not tampered indicates that the product is sealed and original.

Security labels (0)

Price labels are produced from self adhesive uncoated paper in the following colors: white, fluorescent yellow, red, orange, green. Depending on the application, labels are available in combination with permanent, removable, or strong adhesive.
Company logo or other permanent information can be pre-printed on price gun labels.
Price gun labels are mainly used in manufacturing and retail. Price guns quickly and accurately apply information on the labels, such as price, batch number, date and time of production, expiry date. 

Price gun labels (8)

Water soluble labels are perfect solution in the cases when a short term identification of the product is required, because label removal is almost instantaneous.  Label is immersed in water for 30 seconds to a minute, and it is completely dissolved. If there are no conditions for immersion, the label can be removed with a water saturated cloth. It is not necessary to apply dangerous solvents for removing aggressive adhesives, thus creating a suffer work environment. Time is not lost for removing the remaining adhesive residue.
Water soluble labels are used in various industries at different stages of the production process, as well as for end-products. Water soluble labels adhere to most surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood, plastic, etc. 
Water soluble labels are ideal for labeling reusable products, such as glass wares, metal drums, cylinders, аs well as for delicate products like crystals, gold, brass and porcelain. In production sectors water soluble labels are used for identification of parts in assembly lines, for example in automobile industry. These labels are ideal for using in food industry, because they do not leave any residue upon removing, do not keep bacteria and do not clog the dishwasher drain. 
Water soluble labels are non-toxic, environmentally harmless and 100% biodegradable.

Water soluble labels (0)

Jewellery self adhesive labels are used for marking and labeling of glasses, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.
Rings can be tried without removing the label. The label is resistant to cleaning the jewels with various chemicals and in ultrasonic vanes.


Jewellery self adhesive labels (0)

For gardening, forestry and botanical gardens, for marking flowers and bushes, we produce tags made from white polyester material with high smoothness.
Both sides of the tag are suitable for thermal transfer printing. The light uniform surface provides high contrast осигурява for printing barcode. The thermal transfer print made with resin ribbon is resistant to weather conditions (rain, UV rays, low and high temperatures), dust, dirt, chemical solvents, as well as mechanical abrasion.
The label, resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage, provides legible identification for many years. 
Flower tags are offered in the shape of arrow, which can be stuck into the soil, or loop that can be bind round the plant’s stalk.


Tags for flowers (0)

For marking fruits and vegetables packed in nets special cardboard tags are used, containing product information, barcode and manufacturer’s details. The attractively printed cardboard/plastic tags provide additional image of the manufacturer’s company. 
These tags are produced from special double layered material – strong polyester foil and thermal transfer or direct thermal cardboard. 
The permanent information (logo, address, phone, web site, etc.) is printed on the polyester layer and the variable information (weight, expiry date, batch number, etc.) is printed on the cardboard layer, with thermal transfer or direct thermal printer.


Punnet tags (0)

Some applications often require a dual function label, in which information appears upon peeling off the top label layer. These labels are known as double-layer adhesive labels. Because there is still adhesive on the removed upper label, it can be stuck back on another surface, for example package list, order or other document. .
Multi layer labels are a good way for including more information for the product, or instructions in several languages. Label’s layers can be re-sealed with the purpose of reading the information, printed between them, but at the end layers are strongly stuck and can not be divided.
Multi layer labels are ideal for pharmaceutical and medical labels, where regulations require product information to remain intact with the product. They are suitable for labels with recipes in food industry, promotions, lotteries, multilingual information, etc.


Multilayer labels (0)

For production of tickets and subscription cards direct thermal and thermal transfer cardboard paper is used. Depending on the application and the requirement for ticket’s resistance, materials with various characteristics are used: direct thermal cardboards without coating, cardboards with additional coating for good humidity resistance, thermal transfer cardboards, as well as direct thermal or thermal transfer foil materials.
The permanent information (logo, address, phone, web site, etc) is pre-printed on the cardboard tags. The variable information, for example when selling tickets – production name, date, time, seat number, etc. – is printed directly when selling the ticket with thermal transfer or direct thermal printer.
Cardboard tags are used for entry tickets and subscription cards for:     
• recreational facilities;
• parking;
• transport vehicles;
• cinemas and theatres;
• clubs and discos.
Cardboard tags are available in different thickness, single or double-side printable. 
Size, shape and perforation, as well as the colour flexo print are prepared according to customer’s requirements. These tags are ready for the latter thermal transfer printing of barcodes, data, time, etc.


Tickets (0)

All labels produced by our company (self adhesive paper labels, cardboard labels, tags etc.) can be pre printed by flexo print in 1, 2 or 3 colors for labels with technical or industry orientation. For labels with advertisement purpose we offer high quality multi color print and also a possibility for UV varnishing. Pre printed custom labels can be overprinted by thermal transfer printers, direct thermal printers, electronic scales, coders or other printing devices.  The main part of the labels produced by us is winded on a roll, giving an opportunity for automatic label appliance by using automatic applicators. For small and middle productions manual applicators TOWA or label dispensers can be used.

Pre-printed labels (0)

The most widely used labels in the security systems for goods are the RF-labels. These labels are used in almost all sectors - supermarkets, department stores and professional markets.
The construction of the RF label is simple. The electronic part of the label is located at the bottom and is usually applied directly with a permanent adhesive on the product. A coil, which also serves as an antenna, is connected to a small capacitor. It receives and sends radio waves. Together, they form a resonant circuit with a frequency of about 8.2 MHz. When an activated label approaches the vicinity of the detectors(Gates), which are usually placed at the exit of a store, the radio-electronic oscillator circuit triggers an alarm. The deactivation of electronic article surveillance is usually be done after payment at the cashpoint either by mechanical control of the electronic part or by electrical manipulation.
The covering material on the top of the label is usually made of paper but can also be PE or PP material. The label can be imprinted with the particular information by a suitable printer. One of the biggest advantages of the RF-label is the low cost and the possibility to combine electronic retail security and pricing as well.

RF Labels (0)

Scratch off labels are most often used to promote products by organizing games such as "Scratch off and win" or games using SMS or WEB registration of the unique code printed under the scratch coating. Scratch off labels can be made of self-adhesive paper or foil materials, depending on the application, as the scratch field can be harder - to be erased with a coin, giving greater protection, or softer - to be deleted with fingernail. We produce labels suitable for application on scratch cards or pre-coded packages. 

Scratch off labels (0)


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