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DTM Print LX3000e Colour Label Printer

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    DTM Print LX3000e
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The color label printer LX3000e features the innovative Big Ink™ system and a replaceable printhead. This model delivers the lowest cost per print.

  • High Print Speed 
  • Highest Print Quality 
  • Individual Ink Tanks 
  • A built-in label cutter

Warranty: 3 years


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All-new Big Ink™ system that offers low cost per label, exceptional print quality and speed.

The color label printer LX3000e introduces a brand new tanked-ink system and printhead and delivers the lowest cost per print. The LX3000e provides the same quality characteristics as the LX910e, as well as a customer-replaceable printhead and large individual CMY ink tanks with dye or pigment ink. It is ideally suited for a range of sectors such as health and beauty, food and beverage, the chemical industry and more.


CMY ink tanks with Big Ink™

The innovative Big Ink™ system operates with dye or pigment inks optimized for brightness, durability and optical density. The density is notably high when considering the black print color, which produces the blackest black ever by a CMY label printer. When comparing with the carbon black inks of other color label printers, the black print color of the LX3000e brings many advantages for the labels such as higher water resistance, compatibility with a bigger variety of specialty label materials and better smudge resistance.



  • High Print Speed – With a maximum speed of 114 mm (4.5”) per second, your labels will be printed rapidly and efficiently;
  • Highest Print Quality – 4800 dpi full-color printing with 16.7 million available colors;
  • Individual Ink Tanks – The brand-new, highly-advanced ink technology featured in the LX3000e is unique for the industry. It has a reusable, pre-primed printhead that's loaded through tubing from 3 separate big (3 x 60 ml) CMY ink tanks;
  • Sturdy Metal Enclosure – The LX3000e label printer has a powder coated metal enclosure which is certified for environments with very high safety regulations. Particularly applicable for use in mechanical and plant engineering, or when electromagnetic screening (EMC) occurs;
  • Cutter – The device is equipped with a built-in label cutter (pizza-wheel style);
  • Connection – Wired ethernet for network connection (coming soon).

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