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Innovative DTM food printer for printing directly onto food products. With the printer you can quickly and easily print full color images, logos and text on a wide range of confectionery products.



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Certificates for food safety: Specializing in printing on food, Eddie was created to meet all hygienic requirements and standards. The edible ink printer has stainless steel housing and easy-to-clean components. The special ink it uses has a GMP certificate and meets the food safety requirements of the European Union. The whole product has been tested according to rigorous health and safety standards and is completely safe to use as a food additive.


Print width and height: The Eddie food printer includes a carousel feeder that is used for inserting the confectionery during the printing process. When the feeder is used, Eddie can print on biscuits, candy, white chocolate, cookies, macarons, marshmallows, chocolate lentils and many other products with a maximum diameter of 89 mm and height of 20-25 mm. If using the edible ink printer in manual mode, the maximum diameter goes up to 120 mm, and the height up to 27 mm.


Print speed: 5-6 products a minute, depending on the size and imprint.


Surfaces: Can get excellent results when printing on confectionery with even, uneven and curved surfaces. You can print directly onto frosting sheets, icing or directly onto many sweets and baked goods. 


Ink: Due to the special technology for printing directly onto the product, the ink does not alter the flavor or quality of the food item. The ink, specially developed by DTM Print for the food printer, is suitable for vegans. The insertion of new ink cartridges is easy and only takes a few seconds.


Applications: Eddie can be used for many different purposes such as at events, amusement parks, business promotional items, etc.

Eddie food printer brochure [PDF, 5.33 MB]

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