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Datalogic SKORPIO™ X5 is a mobile computer with a powerful processor, wireless charging and latest generation scan engines.

For maximum productivity, the Skorpio X5 features the largest, brightest and sturdiest Gorilla© Glass screen display on the PDT market at 4.3 inches. 


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Datalogic SKORPIO™ X5 mobile computer is a new ultra-fast, high-performing key-based mobile computer. It features the largest multi-touch display in the Portable Data Terminal (PDT) market.

Rapid, precise and seamless data collection that provides real-time visibility is essential in applications like warehousing, fulfillment, inventory, store operations, shipping & delivery. 


Ultra-fast, high-performing processor
The new Skorpio™ X5 offers additional levels of reliability and flexibility for Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare companies.  Operators can fulfil their tasks efficiently with its ultra-fast and dominant computational CPU power. 
Due to the high-performing processor of the market-leading 2.2Ghz CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 660® platform, even the most demanding enterprise applications can run seamlessly at the same time.


Large multi-touch display
For maximum productivity, the Skorpio X5 features the largest, brightest and sturdiest Gorilla© Glass screen display on the PDT market at 4.3 inches.  The big screen allows you to view all features of contemporary, feature-rich applications and to display product photos.  The Skorpio X5 screen also provides unmatched readability in all possible light conditions, including bright outdoor lighting. 


Latest generation of scanning engines
The Skorpio X5 is also equipped with the latest generation of scanning engines, specifically designed and developed by Datalogic. Clients can select the scan engine that will best fit their business needs from the following options: Linear imager, Standard 2D imager, the new unique Mid-Range imager, and the Auto Range option for extra-long-range readings which will be available soon. 

Anyone using the new Skorpio X5 can instantly read all barcodes no matter their condition and whether the labels are damaged or scratched, visible or concealed.


Exceptional strength and durability
The Skorpio X5 is a very rugged device, specifically built to withstand the harshest environments and circumstances. It is proven that it can sustain multiple drops of up to 1.8m / 6ft onto concrete, as well as that it is hermetically sealed against dust and protected from water jets (IP65 rating). 


Light, ergonomic and easy-to-use

Its lightweight, ergonomic, and perfectly balanced design serves to reduce possible users’ fatigue as well as enhance productivity in all scan-intensive applications.  The functional keyboard design allows for quicker data entry.  Another convenient feature is the highly visible function keys which serve as shortcuts for frequently used applications, and the floating scan trigger based on SoftSpot™ technology.


Wireless charging
The Skorpio X5 wireless charging models are the only PDT devices on the market with this technology which provides ultimate reliability at the lowest cost.The immensely reliable contactless charging models have much lower maintenance costs since charging plugs are more prone to damages and can accumulate dust and microbial growth. 


Android operational system
As an ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’ device, the Skorpio X5 meets Google™’s high enterprise requirements in relation to hardware and software.  Its unmatched intuitiveness, user experience, stability, and security can be verified by running the latest Android™ 10 version and using the Google APIs for security, provisioning and deployment.  Furthermore, the user-friendly GMS (Google Mobile Services) platform allows downloading only verified and virus-free applications from the Play Store.


Continuous working process
The Skorpio X5 allows no interruptions even in the most demanding and scan-intensive applications. The option for standard or high-capacity batteries, as well as the hot swappable battery technology and the Datalogic Smart Battery Management application facilitate use of the device for extended work shifts. The battery status can conveniently be monitored on a visual LED indicator.

In addition to the ultimate reliable performance of the Skorpio X5, there is a wide range of possible tailored configurations available for specialized operator needs. This flexible form-factor allows various configurations dependent on the specific application requirements with the possibility to select from the following options: two convertible form-factors, two different charging technologies, two memory configurations and three possible scan engines or keyboard layouts.

The Skorpio X5 is the most advanced key-based mobile computer on the market, and features wireless charging capabilities. It brings the highest computational CPU power, the largest and brightest screen display, and the latest generation of scan engines, including a unique Mid-Range imager. 



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