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ARCA Labeling machine – the Machine of the Month

Date: 2020-12-03

We present to you the labeling machine ARCA TOP-SEAL + SIDE & WRAP. The machine is suitable for application of two labels - top label with a seal and side label on jars, cylindrical and conical glass. It is possible the orientation of the two labels to be synchronized. The productivity of the applicator is 5000 labels per hour.

A wrap around label can be also applied on the jar.


During the labeling process the top-sealed label is first applied on the top of the product. The product is then exactly rotated by 90° in order to apply the side label with the logo oriented in the same position of the top label.

All the devices are automatically synchronized when one product receipt is selected.


90° rotating device is managed by the PLC guaranteeing an extremely accurate product orientation, resulting in a constant and precise labeling process.


You can watch a short video of the machine here.


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