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New regulation for energy labeling

Date: 2021-04-01

New regulation for energy labelingOn March 1, 2021 the EU’s new regulation for energy labeling came into force. The updated system means that appliance manufacturers and resellers have to begin gradually changing their existing labels which contain information regarding energy classifications with new ones.


The improved labels will contain a new simpler scale, which will help consumers compare the energy efficiency of different products more easily. The system is expected to lead to a significant decrease in energy costs for EU consumers.


Implementing a new easier system for product classification is done with the aim of aiding customers to make an informed choice when purchasing new energy-efficient products, and at the same time encourage manufacturers to design and produce more energy-saving appliances. The improved labels will also include a QR code, which will provide easy access to even more additional product information.


Both the old and improved labels carry key information about product size and capacity, as well as noise levels, water and electricity consumption. The change will mainly be observed in the introduction of a new energy efficiency scale, which will consist of only letters from A to G. In this way, mistakes and confusion which arouse previously because most appliances seemed like they belonged to the same category, but were in fact very different, will now be avoided. For instance, a fridge that until now belonged to the category A+++ will now most likely be of category C, even though the fridge is just as energy efficient as it used to be, and an A++ dishwasher may belong to category E. According to the updated system, at the beginning there will not be many products in the top categories A and B. Thus, the new scale is paving the way for innovative and more energy-efficient products to be developed for the market. These appliances will undoubtedly have competitive advantage.


If you have any questions regarding the new system for energy classification or if you would like to order your improved energy labels, please contact our specialists at We will be happy to provide you with the necessary information and a quality solution according to your individual needs, and the storage and usage environments of your appliances.