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New inkjet printers for marking products and packages

Date: 2022-01-12

EBS inkjet coders for marking productsIntroducing the new EBS inkjet marking printers - TJ-200 and PJ-1000. The devices have innovative features that provide convenience, reliable and easy operation, as well as high-quality printing with high resolution.


The inkjet marking printer EBS TJ-200 is lightweight and has a compact design. It runs on long-life batteries and can print text and images in multiple locations without having to be mounted in a fixed position to the production line. It is easy to set up and use by the operator.


The EBS TJ-200 uses a proven ink cartridge system that delivers high print quality up to 12.5mm. This technology automatically detects the inserted cartridge and the ink level to set the most suitable print parameters. This eliminates the need for manual adjustment and prevents loss of output.


The other new inkjet printer, the EBS PJ-1000, is also easy to use and prints in high quality and resolution. The most significant advantage of this printer is that it can print in two colors with only one printhead. Another feature specific to this device is that it has an ink circulation system that automatically removes air from the nozzles and ensures a clean image. The innovative system is independent of the level of the print head relative to the ink tank. The tank can be mounted above, below or at the same height as the printhead. The EBS PJ-1000 head is PP Class, has a print height of up to 108 mm. and reaches the remarkable speed of 150 meters per minute.


For more information and full characteristics, see here: EBS TJ-200 and EBS PJ-1000


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