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New regulation for tyre energy labeling

Date: 2021-04-23

Tyre labelsOn May 1, 2021 the new regulation for tyre energy labeling will come into force. It is introduced by the European Union with the aim of providing customers a chance to more easily choose their tyres according to fuel consumption, safety and noise level. 

These labels serve to classify the tyres according to rolling resistance, ability to brake on wet surfaces, and noise levels. The clear identification of these three parameters allows customers to easily make an informed decision about this important part of their vehicle. The tyres which belong to the top categories are an innovative and preferred choice, because they are more fuel-efficient, safer as well as quieter. 

These three characteristics have to be included in every standard tyre energy label. According to the new system, tyre labels can additionally contain symbols for traction in icy and/or heavy snow conditions. Every label also has a QR code that allows customers to read additional information about the product.

By choosing top-rated tyres for energy efficiency, you are helping to protect the environment and reduce your CO2 emissions. 


Dilcom’s specialists have many years of experience in the production of tyre labels. They are made of materials with an adhesive that is specifically developed for gluing on vehicle tyres.

For this specific application we recommend using durable thermal transfer ribbons for thermal printing, which guarantee legibility and durability: the DNP M265 ultra-durable wax-resin ribbon and the DNP classic resin ribbon R300.